What Is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a relaxing yet powerful Japanese form of bodywork enhancing the circulation of energy, or Ki, which flows throughout the body along pathways connecting with vital organs.  Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’ in Japanese, and your practitioner will use touch, comfortable pressure on specific points on the body  and manipulative techniques to adjust the body’s physical structure to assist and strengthen the body’s natural ability to self-heal. This means that stress and illness can be alleviated and health and wellbeing maintained.  If you like it re-energises the weaker areas, relaxes tension and helps the body to work harmoniously.

What Can Shiatsu Help You With?

Emotional – Shiatsu can assist in expressing and releasing emotions. Your Shiatsu practitioner would encourage and support the energy to move and emotions released within a safe environment. Shiatsu can assist in connecting you to your body and the present moment, alleviating anxiety or worry leaving you feeling calmer and better able to connect with people.

Chronic or Acute pain –  Shiatsu can assist in providing release from symptoms of pain felt throughout the body.

Women’s Health – Shiatsu offers an effective tool in regulating effects for the menstrual cycle and assisting with good health for improved fertility by supporting women through their experience of conception, pregnancy birth and postpartum.

Physical Health Conditions – As a complete system of medicine, Shiatsu can offer relief for a very wide range of physical health conditions.

 Babies & Children  – As a gentle and effective therapy, Shiatsu is can be helpful in treating common ailments faced by infants and children which may include, but are not limited to,  poor digestion, constipation, diarrhea, teething troubles, restlessness, bed-wetting and emotional discontent.

Wellness In Older Age – The elderly greatly benefit from the quality and compassionate touch received during a Shiatsu treatment. Shiatsu can assist a wide variety of symptoms that commonly occur as we age.

How Can Shiatsu Help You?

Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing experience and regular treatments can alleviate stress and illness and maintain health and well-being. Shiatsu will:

  • Relax and energise your body
  • Calm and Refresh your mind
  • Improve breathing
  • Improve circulation
  • Enhance flexibility
What you Can Expect In A Treatment Session

A Full Professional Assessment – Your Shiatsu practitioner will take a detailed case history to build up a complete picture of your  lifestyle and overall well-being. They will then have a more accurate diagnosis according to the principals of Oriental Medicine in order to develop a treatment plan for you.

Treatment –  Shiatsu sessions are carried out on a one–to-one basis.  Your treatment will be carried out on a futon on the floor and you remain fully clothed. It is best to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.

Time – Each session will last around 1 hour but please allow an extra 15 minutes for your first session in order to have a consultation about your general well-being.

To Get The Most From The Treatment

  • Try not to eat heavily in the 2 hours prior to treatment
  • Do not drink alcohol before of after the treatment
  • Drink plenty of water after treatment to smooth the flow of changes through the system

Can Shiatsu help you?

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We are able to offer friendly professional advice about what you are dealing with.  If something else is more likely to help you we are able to recommend other reliable professional practitioners.